Building LEGO®’s House of DOTS #2

The LEGO Group unveiled it’s first ‘House of DOTS’ in London in January 2020.

The House of DOTS is built inside eight shipping containers, cut apart and placed together to create five interactive rooms decorated in 1×1 LEGO tiles by a group of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO). Walls, floors, rugs, frames and furniture were customised in distinctive patterns and colours.

Designed by London-based artist, Camille Walala, the House of DOTS supported the launch of LEGO’s new product, LEGO® DOTS.

Artist Camille Walala outside the House of DOTS

Ty Brics involvement in the project took place over two weeks in early January when, with nine other AFOLs and two project managers from LEGO, two million 1×1 tiles were applied to thousands of plates and baseplates and then attached to the furniture and walls.

Fast forward to July 2020 and an email drops into my inbox…

“To ask if you would want to be a part of this project again?”

Apparently, getting AFOLs involved with House of DOTS #1 was a first for LEGO and they were about to go with another first: AFOLs working remotely.

This time, working from the Ty Brics studio rather than together in a cold, dusty workshop in London, LEGO will ship the bricks to be ‘tiled’ remotely. They’re then shipped back ready for installation in the ‘House of DOTS #2’.

Here’s what happened…

Friday, 14th August

Delivery from the LEGO Group this morning – probably more than 150,000 LEGO bricks!

A bit different to #legoseriousplay but great to be involved again in this project.

Now to start working on a bunk bed and a table for the House of Dots.

Saturday, 15th August

The first project is complete and ready to return to the LEGO Group. This is the easy one! That’s 16 small tiles applied to each of 600 slightly larger plates – 10,000 LEGO bricks done – just another 140,000 to go.

These tiles will decorate a small table like the one pictured to give (pardon the pun) a tacTILE experience in the new House of Dots.

Sunday, 16th August

This is today’s workstation where I’m building for the LEGO Group’s House of Dots. More yellow plates and today with ‘pizza’ tiles to complement the square tiles – freestyle patterns!

Each of the large white base plates holds 1,024 tiles on top of 64 4×4 yellow plates.

Two and a half base plates decorated so far – just another 30 to go. Hopefully switching from yellow to pink tiles this afternoon.

…and, yes, the mallet is an essential piece of equipment.

A green plate for ‘squaring’ tiles and a mallet to ensure ‘tiles on plates’ are firmly attached to the white baseplate

Monday, 17th August

Alfie (retired Guide Dog) ran into the Ty Brics studio this morning. Alfie was quickly followed by Frank, his new best friend forever (it wasn’t always like that).

Alfie seeing he wouldn’t get any sense of his human, picked up his ball, turned around and left the room. Frank followed, dancing around; “Are we playing ball, Alfie?”

Today is all about more yellow dots as building continues. Today’s target is 10,000 tiles.

Tuesday, 18th August

Alfie (retired Guide Dog) and Frank weren’t much help this morning.

Searching for that last piece needed to complete some yellow tiling, they both gave the bricks a sniff before wandering off.

Today is a switch to pink DOTS as work continues on the House of DOTS.

This is the Mark II version of the ‘House’ – you can find out about the Mark I from earlier this year here:

Finding the missing yellow pizza in a sea of pink circles

Wednesday, 19th August

Alfie (did I tell you he is a retired Guide Dog) and Frank inspect yesterday’s tiling for the LEGO Group House of DOTS.

Alfie and Frank’s human can’t understand why there’s one LEGO tile left over.

“hmmmm – where does this one fit?”

Thursday, 20th August

Alfie (retired Guide Dog) and Frank look on in disbelief as their human briefs the newly arrived recruits here to help build the House of DOTS.

What could possibly go wrong?

Alfie thinking “You cannot be serious”

Friday, 21st August

Alfie (retired Guide Dog) and Frank have that smug look of ‘I told you so’.

Yesterday’s new recruits – here to help build the LEGO Group House of DOTS – have put on a lot of size and weight while thousands of LEGO DOTS are missing.

Saturday, 22nd August

With a little help from my friends

Half way through my part of building the LEGO Group House of DOTS and just completed a two-day Beatles’ ‘musicathon’.

Listened to 17 LPs, playing every song mixed into alphabetical order from ‘A Day in the Life’ to ‘Your Mother Should Know’. Keep on dotting!

Alfie (retired Guide Dog) and Frank enjoyed ‘Golden Slumbers’.

The ‘Fab Four’ help the ‘Tiling Three’

Sunday, 22nd August

Today’s tiling is all about lozenges – big lozenges – each made of eight tiles, shuffling across the baseplate.

Sounds easy except for the yellow 4×4 plate between the DOTs and the white baseplate. Five baseplates to fill: odd rows first then fill in with the even rows.

Monday, 21st August

A day in the pink. It’s so easy to have too much yellow.

LEGO gave a free hand in designing the patterns (in House of DOTS #1 everything was pre-defined). Here’s a mix of circles and pizza tiles to create little pink dots, big pink dots and yellow stars.

Looks simple but takes a long time to make sure everything is aligned.

A pattern in pink and yellow

Tuesday, 22nd August

More fancy patterns. These are on lavender 8×8 plates and are being checked for pattern match before being ‘malletted’ to the five baseplates.

Thats 5,120 tiles applied to 80 plates on five baseplates.

Note to self: round tiles align much easier than square tiles which are much easier than pizza tiles.

Wednesday, 23rd August

All done!

Need to complete photography and labelling today. When the ‘assembly team’ receive the packages it will be the first time they will see these designs.

Thursday, 24th August

12 days and 120,000 LEGO bricks later my part of building the LEGO House of DOTS is complete and three boxes of elaborately tiled panels are ready to be collected.

120,00 tiles ready to go
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